Thursday, January 29, 2009

I must like randomity

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monday I was riding my motorcycle on a back steet in Dunedin, a cool little bayside city just north of Clearwater, when this guy came out of a parking lot on my right, and he didn't see me. I was very close to him, going only around 20 mph and, I had no choice but to lay my bike down. There was no impact with the other vehicle. My bike skidded only three feet and sandwiched my left knee between the bike and the street. Nothing broke, but it created some hell inside my knee. Today I am much better, thank you, and ambulate as most bipeds but with a limp. Got some road rash on my knee and the palm of my left hand. The worst is over, but on Tuesday I had more pain in that knee than I can remember ever before in any part of my body. I may ride my bike to the org today! The way out is the way through. One of Nixon's "assistants", who later became an author, said he was terrified of lightning and tied himself to a tree on the top of a hill in the middle of a huge lightning storm to overcome his fear. I have no fear, but I need to ride again soon.

Morning Benediction

On the slate of morning I write my day
Inscribed with simple symbols that cast the spell.
I close my eyes and breathe the trees.
I suck the day into my bones, and integrate,
knowing it is all an extension of myself.
My senses stretch and feel the melody
played on the strings of morning
I hold still for a moment in eternity
as my dreams entwine
and flow through its timelessness
Deep pools of thought gather at my feet
and rise to give me drink.
I rise on the swelling tide
and reach to the horizon
on this nbew day
in the continuing search
for something so long lost
among the wastes
and feel into endlessness
for that which I know
Is somewhere there in plain view
Something I hid from myself
beyond time
and I know
when I grow
wise enough
it will show
and it will be me
no longer lost.
Until then
I know
I am the morning
in all its glory and promise

L D Sledge
January 29 2009

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