Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Remember a List of Ten Items

Have you ever gone to the store and couldn't remember some of the things you went to buy? Here is a simple way to remember ten items at a time. I learned this years ago and use it all of the time as a "to do" list, and don't have to write it down unless it exceeds ten items. There is a way to remember twenty items, but I am only going to show you ten, for you seldom have more than that do to.

The method is simply hooking the item to something easily remembered. This is probably the way those savants who can remember the names of an audience of a hundred people. They may be simply gifted, but this system is for the non gifted, like me. Here goes.

Hook the item to the following list of rhyming mental pictures.

One = Run. A group of runners in a marathon, each one carrying the item you want to remember.
Two = Zoo. An island in the zoo, across a fence from you, filled with monkeys playing with the item.
Three = Tree. A huge tree, with the item hanging from the branches, falling like fruit to the ground.
Four = Door. A big door with the items falling through, squeezing out of the door.
Five = Hive. A huge beehive, with bees carrying the objects away and bringing them in.
Six = Sticks. Piles of sticks with many of this item mixed in the sticks.
Seven = Heaven. The clouds parting and the item is falling through the clouds from a crack in the sky.
Eight = Gate. There is this big swinging garden gate, and this item is tumbling through.
Nine = Vine. The item growing on a huge vine like clusters of grapes.
Ten = Den. A bear's den, with bears sitting on, playing with the item.

You can use this list over and over. Each time you use a new set of items, it erases the old one and the new one is now in the hands of the runner or monkey, etc.

Have fun trying this out. I think you will never have to write out a list again.

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  1. That sounds like a great idea, but since the stroke I have had some memory loss off and on, particularly in remembering names. I recall them after a second or minute or two. Unfortunately, I'd first have to remember your list of ten items that are to be coordinated with what I intend to purchase. So for now, I think I'll just write down what I want. And the supermarket I frequent is easily laid out, so I tend to remember items without consulting my list anyway. Thanks for the tip though. I probably will use it in another area, like the names of films, books or authors. That would be fun - Bill Bryson being tossed in the air by monkeys! Or a gate opening and the characters from the film, "Saving Ned Devine" coming out naked on motorbikes. (You'd have to have seen the movie to appreciate that - it was a hilarious scene.)