Friday, June 18, 2010

Who is Really Responsible for the Oil Spill

I must put in a word about the BP oil spill.

Who is responsible?

We are.

We Americans insist on gas guzzling vehicles, air conditioning always set on freezing, appliances that gobble energy, and a lifestyle that Julius Caesar or the Pharoahs would have thought to be paradise. This lifestyle requires more gas, which demands more oil, which pushes exploration into new and untested areas. If it can happen, it will happen. And it happened, finally. Inevitable.

In June, 1967 an almost identical incident occurred in the gulf at 200 feet of water when the IXTOC (spelling), a Mexican well blew out with 30,000 barrels of oil a day spilling into the Gulf.

Watch this youtube interesting newscast

It took six or eight months to finally shut it down with about the same amount of oil now gushing into my beautiful Gulf of Mexico at the hand of British Petroleum. They tried everything that BP has tried, and not worked, except BP has 5000 feet of water. Finally the pressure in the Mexican well was reduced by offset drilling. I think they drilled two wells into the same shaft or something and reduced the pressure enough to cap it. I am not sure if BP has the technology to do that at a mile down.

In other words, the greed of oil companies push beyond their ability to repair at the expense of the environment. They had no way of knowing how to fix this if it should happen, and it happened. It is like walking too close to the edge and falling with no safety harness. It is just going to happen. That is the way things work on this planet and in this universe. If it can happen, it will happen.

This time it has the potential of destroying the fishing, shrimping, crabbing, oyster fishing, sporting, and the beautiful pristine estuaries of my wonderful old fishing grounds in the marshes and coastline of Louisiana. There are things that can be done to repair, such as using friendly oil loving microbes by people like my friend Mark Gould, which would eat the oil and leave no harmful residue. But do you think they will buy it? Lets see what will happen.

The point of this writing is to put responsibility where it should be. We, the energy sucking Americans, let the dogs out, and the dogs here are companies like BP, who with bravado ventured out beyond reason at our expense---not their expense mind you---for they have money beyond counting. And they could give a damn less about what happens.

And who really owns BP? It is rumored that the Rothchilds, those who make and break presidents and control the lives of everyone in the Western world and possibly elsewhere. Do you think they give a damn about Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or Florida? Don’t be silly.

Don’t be too hard on BP because of its vile stupidity. Had we insisted on alternative sources or energy, rather than let the Rothchilds and Rockefellers and their ilk run our lives, this would not have happened. If we weren’t so damn selfish and self-centered, we would have never allowed the oil people to control our economy. Hey, we like it as long as it is going well, don’t we, except for the prices which we bitch about.

I think we got what we all kind of expected would happen sooner or later. But as humans, and that is not saying much, we cannot take the blame or handle responsibility, so lets kill BP and the politicians, etc.

There I’ve said it and I am glad. Humans, please get it right for once.


  1. You are right LD. We let things go on for too long and now we are faced with having to handle. There are some that are doing something about it. There are 2,000 gallons of EMs donated to eat up the oil. Will that be enough? Probably not. There is an ethical group that can be donated to TEO headed up by Barbara Wiseman who is on location and supervising the application teams.

    At this time in our history it will do no good to pursue permission and it is my opinion that we need to act ethically for the good of mankind.

    The whole oil spill was another agenda driven incident that was no accident. The media is blowing it way out of proportion. But that is not to say that it is not a serious situation. What is being reported is that nothing can be done about it and that it is far worse than it actually is.

    This is raw survival stuff that we need to confront. We need to adopt the attitude that we do not need some higher authority to approve of our actions either. Our decisions and actions are our responsibility as well. On the good side of the coin there are more than ever people speaking their minds about the things we are facing today and more than ever are doing something about it. One of the things each of can do is focus on the good stuff and promote and forward those such as any of the worthwhile "GREEN" products and services out there.

  2. In Europe gasoline is 4x what we pay here. So they have found alternatives like Solar, Nuclear Energy and Wind so offset those costs for the residents. If they raised gas prices here to 8.00 a gallon tomorrow the howls would be so loud it would be heard on the Moon.....but we would be forced to change to better technology and a different lifestyle.

    Sad part of this whole oil spill is that there are thousands of people with SOLUTIONS out there that fall on blind eyes and deaf ears of those who are benefiting from this disaster.

    I don't think we are a spoiled populace here in the US, but many depend of the Gov't to watch over them and they do not have our best interest in the plan. I am afraid that Gov't as we knew it as kids is extinct. It's all about the 24 hour news cycle, campaigning, fund raising, and doing political favors now. Just like it was then, but now they are brazen about it and can rely on public apathy to allow it.

    My beautiful, healing Gulf is at risk. I will drive less this week to conserve my usage. It only takes one person with that first step to change the world. Thank you for your voice Ld.

  3. Bob is right. The mayor of Gulf Shores, AL has taken clean-up matters into this own hands. Small town mayors and heads of parishes are trying to do the same. Bobby Jindal (sp?) is practically apoplectic about getting every available skimmer sent down to the gulf, as well as getting the building of more temporary barrier islands built. It may very well be that it's mostly too little, too late. But these guys who are clamoring to do something on their own and not wait for BP or the Feds need to be supported in any way possible.

  4. I concur with LD.
    Question is what can you and I do?
    Answer: visit and sign the petition.

  5. Hi LD,

    Thanks for being there and telling it like it is. Support The Earth Organization.

    All the best,


  6. LD!

    Remember me?

    Virginia McClaughry here, you used to come sit by me, you said - cuz just being near me made you feel better.

    Good to see you're not completely tamed yet, still rustling those bushes one way or another.

    I never forgot how in 1998 you cheered everyone up on Mardi Gras day by throwing out necklaces and such at the SC restaurant - unfortunately you got disciplined for it which was just wrong.

    If you don't post this comment, I'll understand. Just wanted to say hello and that I wish you well.

    Virginia McClaughry