Monday, April 11, 2011

The Seed That's In Me

The Seed That’s In Me

There is a seed

Within my breast

That cries for water

To be blest

A secret seed

Whose flower has blown

A blossom whose time

Has come and gone

And left behind

A seed forlorn

Awaiting now

To be reborn

I feel it’s heartbeat

Deep within me

Pulsing strong

To start, begin me

How I yearn

To let it grow

Burst it’s shell

And let it flow

Heed it’s need

A constant yearning

To sing its song

Set a burning

When I let it loose

And its gone a winging

Is that all there is

Or a new song singing?

There is a seed

A burning ember

In you and me

Something remembered

Of who we are

A thing unflowered

A majestic being

A thing of power

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