Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sick and Dying "R" US

My Dear Friends:

Dr. Tom Smith, one of those old time "real" healers, was our family doctor. He was always saying "you are what you eat." He went no further than that, but would have if we would have asked him what he meant. This was in the fifties, before GMO and adulteration of our food supply by pesticides, herbicides, growth enzymes in our meats, etc.

I called this blog "sick and dying R US," because that is what we Americans are.

I decided to learn about enzymes today, and watched this clear explanation of enzymes and how absolutely essential that we know about them and how they affect health.

In a nutshell, enzymes are chemical elements in foods that make what we eat useable by the body. They also can be used to make foods, such as cheese, wines, beers, and even to process such as curing leather and are the catalysts that nature supplies to transform substances into useable substances.

They are vital to every aspect of health, and account for ability to ward off heart attacks, cancer, ulcers, immunity problems, and most diseases and body problems. By the time a person reaches 70, the body produces 1/3 of the necessary enzymes needed to properly use foods we eat--add this to the additives for storage, color and increased production and we have a problem. Orange juice, with the container saying pure juice, not from concentrate. This juice has been stored in huge containers, with all oxygen removed, with fructose and sugar added. Each 8 oz glass contains the equivalent of 8 teaspoons of sugar. More than a coke. You are in trouble if you think you are helping the health of your kids by giving them other than fresh squeezed orange juice. These food additives for shelf life, taste and color account for the obesity in the US. Go to a cafeteria, Chinese all you can eat, Walmart, or wherever, and try not to ignore the disgusting Americans who can barely move, who simply know no better.

I went to Europe with my son Tom in 2003---I was shocked at the difference between the bodies of the Europeans and Americans--The Italians and French were trim, graceful and athletic compared to the wallowing obesity of most American tourists. Some English and German were also fat, but nothing like Americans.

At my age, I am concerned about feeling good, feeling energetic and pain free. I assure you the mid seventies have pain, stiffness, and digestive and other problems unless there is exercise and proper food.

Where do you get enzymes? Raw vegetables. Juice them, just eat them, or cop out and buy supplements. I am going to start using my juicer. It is a little more complex doing this, and cleaning it after, but I am going to keep it out on my counter and use it to make a two day supply. I want to feel good, still be hard and stay hard, in every way. Crawling out of bed in pain every morning before I walk the stiffness in my back off only gets worse with time, and I can imagine how it must be for those fatties who look like they have live animals in their clothes as they walk, and struggle to get up from sitting positions. It is enzymes, fructose, exercise (don't need much) and additives.

Watch these videos (the first one and the one on orange juice) and get smart.

I have to thank Mercola for keeping us informed. Why don't they have a required course in school beginning in lower grades with this subject, making it simple, with videos like this. The problem with most of these "instructional" courses, are they are too complex, giving misunderstoods, not going basic enough. This could easily handle America's stupidity.


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